The SIUCC (Seminario Interuniversitario de Ciencia Cognitiva) annual conferences are three-day workshops, intended to focus on the contributions of an influential philosopher, which have been organized by the Spanish Analytic Community for the past 20 years, under the auspices of the SEFA ( since the creation of the society in 1994. Invited speakers are asked to present three papers, which can be new material or a revision of former work. Recent workshops were: XXI, Granada 2011, invited speaker: Jaakko Hintikka; XX, Barcelona, 2010, invited speaker: Crispin Wright;  XIX, Zaragoza 2009, invited speaker: Ernest Sosa; XVIII, Madrid 2008, invited speaker: John Perry; XVII, Palma de Mallorca, 2007, invited speaker: Peter Carruthers; Valencia (XVI, 2006, invited speaker: Richard Moran; XV, Madrid 2005, invited speaker: Robert Brandom; XIV, Murcia 2004, invited speaker: John McDowell; XIII, Granada 2003, invited speaker: François Recanati; XII.